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Entertainment TermsAdd a term


Entertainment; Movies

Antihero / supervillain rakstzīmju Betmena Komiksi un ...

Karl Pilkington

Entertainment; Popular culture

Kails angļu televīzijas un Radio personība, dzimis 1972. ...

Dragon Warrior

Entertainment; Movies

Ultimate kung fu pamata. Apaļš panda Po, kas kādreiz bija ...

James Raynor

Entertainment; Games

Izdomāts raksturs un galvenais varonis, Blizzard ...

Fashion TermsAdd a term

matains zeķes

Fashion; General fashion

Pilna kāju zeķes, kas imitē pāri ļoti matains vīrieša kājas ...

La Senza

Retail; Retail stores

La Senza Corporation ir Kanādas modes mazumtirgotājs ...

pilnu ķermeņa tērps

Fashion; Brands & labels

Šī RootSuit ir izgatavots no 91 % piemaksu poliestera, 9 % ...

Dolce un Gabbana

Fashion; Brands & labels

Italian high-end brand label that is characterized by its ...

Geography TermsAdd a term

South Sudāna

Geography; Countries & Territories

2005. Gada 6. janvārī, South Sudāna kļuva autonomajā ...

Kowloon pilsētvalsts

Geography; Geography

Bijušais norēķinu atrodas Honkongā, tā sāka savu dzīvi kā ...


Geography; Countries & Territories

The People's Republic of China (PRC), commonly known as ...


Geography; Physical geography

Purvs ir mīksts purvains apvidus zemes, kas parasti dod zem ...

Featured blossariesSākt veidot glosāriju

semi-automatic espresso machine

Kategorija: Food   1 3 Terms

Karaburun Peninsula

Kategorija: Geography   1 1 Terms

Paintings by Albrecht Dürer

Kategorija: Arts   2 19 Terms

Paul01234's Terms


Culture; General culture

In every kitchen or a bathroom or even at the garage of a ...


Culture; General culture

This is a colloquial term for a tambo or ting-ting. In ...

po and opo

Culture; General culture

It is a simple way of showing respect to anyone. These ...