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I just found out that not only do I not know of the existence of many countries, but some coutries are thought of by 'officials' and states or provinces of its neighbouring country. In an age of 'human rights', should a place that calls itself a country/nation have the right of recognition? Actually, I find a bit sad, that those that are in these countries have to fight for this type of recognition. I dont understand why, if they have their own flag. I beg to ask, "Would we exist without them?" This is is just 10, but I'm sure there are alot more. So here is my part in all this.

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Taiwan, cunoscut și ca Republica de China(ROC), este recunoscut numai de 22 UN statelor membre, şi, fără îndoială, datorită influenţei de popoare Republica Populară Chineză (RPC), deşi are legături ...

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